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Misguided Treat of Today's Cars

misguided treat of todays car by me at car review magz
Car Review Vol 2-37
Bad things could due if we don't really understand how should treat a vehicle.

Often we feel is correct, but there are things that actually what we think is right, in fact a misnomer.

As described by HM. Aedi, Service Manager of Tunas Toyota Pasar Minggu, Jakarta, following improper habits are still done by some vehicle owners.

1. The new car should treat softly (nieuwe auto inrijden - Dutch)

Before first servicing schedule or whether it has running for first 1000 kilometer, new car usually does not ran exceed over 60 km / h, not to runs on hills, or filled in full compliance passenger seating capacity.

It meant to get best performance for the next use later.

In fact, today's cars can already be directly used optimally according to the capability of the vehicle. Even though driven up to 120 km/h is not a problem. As long as not to use for races.

"Noteworthy for new cars is routine service schedule as listed in the service, it was enough to maintain the performance and durability of the engine," he said
2. Heat up the car too long in the mornings

Before the era of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is reasonable heat up the engine before use activity. This meant to well lubricating evenly all parts of the machine.

But now, cars are already using ECU. When the ignition key is in the ON state, the ECU ordered oil pump to work.

"Especially in the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) car, which is certain to use the ECU. No need to heat the engine for too long, in addition to wasting fuel, it can also increase the levels of CO in around ".

3. Before turning off the engine, the gas pedal is pressed (long revs)

Hope by doing this, stun in battery will last. In fact, if still doing this at the turbo-engined car can be fatal.

"Actually it is more of a suggestion," Aedi said.

This expression is true, however, because the battery remains its age. If indeed it was time to replace it must be replaced.

"Turn off electronic beforehand as audio, air conditioning and new lights last machine. Without the need to press the gas repeatedly. As it is better for battery durability ".

4. Reduce tire pressure in order to not easily broken in tolls

Less air tires, the sidewall or tire wall section will gets heavier pressure. Especially if you carry excess load, the pressure against the walls of the tire to be more severe. So it is more risky for tire burst.

Ideally, tire pressure should be checked periodically to keep it in accordance with its specifications, should not be too less or too much.

Check the tire pressure using a pressure gauge not only visually, it is intended that the data obtained is valid.

For instructions of tire air pressure, can be seen in the manual or pillars under the driver's door of the vehicle.

If the pressure is not the same among four tires, there are risk of rupture, due to lowest psi size, the tire will get bigger burden," he added.

"Not too good also reduces tire pressure, fuel became more extravagant".

Always bring your vehicle to the authorized repair shop is a wise step in taking care of the car. Do not hesitate to ask the service advisors so that your favorite car remains in top shape.

HM Aedi, Service Manager, Tunas Toyota Jakarta
HM. Aedi, Tunas Toyota Service Manager
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